Värmdö Freestyle Mogul Team

FIS Europa Cup
22-23th february 2024
Stockholm, Sweden

Värmdö Freestyle MT invites competitors and spectators to the European Cup in dual mogul skiing in 22-23 February 2024.

The competitions will take place in Hammarbybacken, Stockholm.


Entries will be accepted from National Ski Associations following FIS quotas and rules. The online registration system is accessed on the FIS Homepage http://www.fis-ski.com in the Member Section.

All quotas and entries are according to the FIS Freestyle Ski Europa Cup rules 2023/2024. Only those competitors who are entered by National Associations are eligible and the number of participants is limited under current Europa Cup quotas. Entries must be submitted not later than February 15th.

Last date for submitting entries: February 15th 2024

About the competitions

Place: Hammarbybacken, Stockholm, Sweden Date: 22-23 february 2024

Follow the competitions

Livestream: Livelänk – Ski Team Sweden Moguls Youtube Liveresult: FIS SKI Live-scoring

 Preliminary schedule

Preliminary Schedule 2024